• Extreme Brightening Body Wash Assorted Flavors / Plus Organic Body Wash

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    Extreme Brightening  Body Wash (New & Improved)

    Assorted Flavors- Carrot, Egg Shampoo, Papaya,  Strawberry

    - A Natural Alternative from using soap to cleanse your face & body

    - Leave skin silky, smooth, and Radiant

    - For Faster Action leave soap to penetrate into skin for a longer period before

    Washing off, see result after one bottle use

    Plus 100% Raw Body Wash (New & Improved)

    Assorted Flavors- Almond & Olive / Shea Butter & Olive

    This Body Wash Soften And Revitalizes Rough, Dry, Cracking, Aging Skin

    Excellent Moisturizer For The Body

    Come Try Our New & Improved 100% Raw Body Wash 

    Customers Choice of Herb Flavors