• GoatMilk Soap Bars 100% Pure

    C$15.00 C$11.99

    GoatMilk Soap Bars 

    Note: This Bar Soap is not a very easy soap bar to get melted fast

               in water while bathing or washing your face 

               Very Rich in Fatty Acids

               that can Help Support a Healthy Skin Barrier to keep Skin nourished and  Moisturized

               leaves face & body smooth and relaxing 

              Beautified your Skin, improve Skin Elasticity, Visible Wrinkles

              Exfoliate the Skin, Which may Benefit those with Acne.

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    Goatmilk Soap is Less Allergenic than Synthetically Commercial Soaps.

    Goatmilk Soap can reduce skin inflammation and Soothes dry and Damaged Skin

    Goatmilk can reduce Wrinkles and Delay Aging, its a great soap that moisturize your skin

    Goatmilk Soap is packed full of Fatty Acid and Triglycerides, the Alpha Hydroxy Acids removes

    the dead skin cells surfaces allowing the Antioxidants to penetrate deeply.

    Goatmilk can work to lighten Discoloration skin, from Acne Scars, Melasma age spots and more etc...

    Kills Bacteria, fights dead skin cells