• 100% Goat Milk & Honey Black Soap Jar paste... or Liquid


    - Pure Vitamin Treatments

    GoatMilk Black Soap Jar Paste

    Goatmilk Soap is Less Allergenic than Synthetically Commercial Soaps.

    Goatmilk Soap can reduce skin inflammation and Soothes dry and Damaged Skin

    Goatmilk can reduce Wrinkles and Delay Aging, its a great soap that moisturize your skin

    Goatmilk Soap is packed full of Fatty Acid and Triglycerides, the Alpha Hydroxy Acids removes

    the dead skin cells surfaces allowing the Antioxidants to penetrate deeply.

    Goatmilk can work to lighten Discoloration skin, from Acne Scars, Melasma age spots and more etc...

    - Kills Bacteria, fights dead skin cells

    - Cleans, Nourish and Brighten the skin

    - Cure Ringworm

    - Shaving Bumps

    - Pimples

    - Foot Rot

    - Cure Eczema

    - Psoriasis (Red & White Patches that Appear on the skin)

    - Cure Irritated Skin

    - Use As Shaving Cream (to cure shaving bumps)

    - Use As Hair Shampoo (to grow hair and clean scalp irritation)

    New and Improve Black Soap With 100% Herbs and pack with Goatmilk

    Note: Black Soap Will Not Fade Skin