• Bergamot Green Tea Shea Face Cr Bottle

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    Bergamot Green Tea ‘Shea face cream’

    Mango face, Lavender Face, Pink Grapefruit Face, Green Tea Face

    -        Nourish and protects the skin from elements

    -        Give Skin Healthy Glow

    -        Silky texture provided to smooth the delicate

    Eye area, Reduce Wrinkles & Blemishes

        -  Use for face and body …

        - An Everyday Product that leaves No ShineNo Oil

            For people that has very oily skin

       Small Jar $9.99                                  Large Jar $14.99

    -        Weight 0.166                               - Weight 0.318

    -        Length 2by3Q                              - Length 3in 

    -        Width  2by3Q                              - Width 3/haft

    -        5oz/150G                                     - 10 oz